"A good story can never be retold often enough, particularly not when the author is Geraldine McCaughrean." The Sunday Telegraph.


A Note From the Author: 
I have decided to put my online presence to good use and publish my novel in instalments. Well, if it was okay for Dickens…

Free, gratis and for nothing. You won’t find it on sale anywhere, I’m serving it up in bite-sized morsels, just for you.



The hero is Hylas, armour-bearer to Heracles. According to Greek mythology, Hylas went with Heracles to join Jason’s Argonauts on their quest to find the Golden Fleece - but got lost on a trip ashore.  Frantically Heracles searched for him, travelling far and wide, leaving countless stories in his wake.


But what was Hylas doing meanwhile? This is the story of his efforts to rejoin his master.  It’s also about the thousand kinds of ugly he meets along the way. Before long, he finds himself - against his better judgement - on an entirely different quest - one that’s a threat to the gods themselves.

For the first time ever, multiple award-winning UK author Geraldine McCaughrean launches her latest novel

exclusively online, chapter by chapter, just for you.